Global Adventures @HWIS

Mandarin & Spanish Summer Camp
7 weeks | Jun 27-Aug12 | Ages 2-12
Midtown West, NYC or Stirling, NJ

We offer a fun, immersive environment integrating language, science, math, art and social studies – all while developing students’ listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in Mandarin or Spanish! Themes include: “Feeding the World”, “Art Around the World”, "The Wonder of Water" and “Endangered Species”.

Your child can be immersed in Mandarin or Spanish and learn about the world without having to travel to China or Spain!

In addition to the theme-oriented and project-based learning in the classroom, our camps integrate sports activities to keep the learning active and fun!

HWIS has been a leader in immersion education for over 15 years with camps taught by experienced educators who are native speakers of Mandarin or Spanish.

Session I – Feeding the World (Jun 27 – Jul 8)

In this two-week session students learn about the kinds of food that are grown and eaten in various parts of the world, and what countries are doing to address waste and world hunger. We learn about making healthy food choices and make recipes from around the world. The first week is focused on food growth with the second week on the consumption and distribution of food around the world.

Session II – Art Around the World (Jul 11-22)

In this two-week session students learn about famous art pieces found all around the world, the stories behind them, and the techniques the artists used. What is the story behind Van Gogh’s The Starry Night? From Piet Mondrian’s suncatchers to Claude Monet’s Water Lillies children look at the pieces and brainstorm the different things and patterns they see.

Session III – The Wonder of Water (Jul 25 – Aug 5)

In this two-week session students enjoy experiencing the physical and chemical properties of water through hands on experiments and observation in the first week. They learn about the significant role water plays in our everyday life, the ecosystem of the world, and how it has impacted civilizations over time in the second week. We’ll also have fun playing in the water to cool off during those hot summer days!

Session IV – Endangered Species (Aug 8-12)

In this one-week session students learn about several endangered species around the world, why they became endangered and what can be done to address the issue. During this study students will learn about the habitats in various countries, whether climate change has affected the species and understand different perspectives on the issues.

Our unique camp offers:
  • Mandarin or Spanish immersion
  • Each class is a designated cohort taught in large rooms for safe social distancing
  • Classes are grouped by age and level for optimal language acquisition
  • Sports instruction delivered daily by a PE coach
Camp Hours:
  • Half day: 9am -12pm (an option for students ages 2-4)
  • Full day: 9am – 3pm
  • Before Care: 8 – 9am (additional cost)
  • After Care: 3 - 6pm (additional cost)

New Jersey’s Stirling Campus:

As part of the language immersion camp, campers have a 45 min to 1 hour active PE session outdoors in English. Students are immersed in PE, sports, and athletic activities including soccer, kickball, golf, basketball, baseball just to name a few.
  • An outdoor field for learning, sports, and play
  • A full-sized indoor gymnasium & basketball court
  • A fenced-in playground for safe play
  • A library for students to access both Mandarin and Spanish books
  • Large classrooms - fully air-conditioned and equipped with an air purifier in each room
  • Dedicated entrance and convenient exit of each classroom for minimized social contact

New York’s Midtown West Campus

  • A nearby outdoor field for learning, sports, and play
  • A full-size indoor gymnasium
  • A dedicated and well-equipped preschool playroom
  • A library for students to access both Mandarin and Spanish books
  • Large classrooms - fully air-conditioned and equipped with an air purifier in each room
NY students have an option for:
Language Focused Camp – 9am-3pm – students will have outdoor recess for 40 minutes to 1 hour per day

Language and Sports Combination Camp - students are immersed in a Mandarin or Spanish language camp from 9 am-1 pm and are enrolled in sports from 1-3 pm (soccer provided by Super Soccer Star for one week; tennis provided by Tennis innovator for the alternate week, for elementary tennis group, they will take the van to John Jay tennis court at 59th & 10th for the tennis sessions).

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