At HudsonWay Immersion School (HWIS), considered one of the best private schools in New Jersey and New York City, our Spanish and Mandarin immersion students develop bilingualism, biliteracy, and character education skills. Building on the strong foundation developed in the HWIS preschool program, the Elementary program employs a full language immersion model. Educators systematically teach all content matter in the target language with increasing exposure to English each year, ensuring mastery and depth of understanding of the material by students.

Students receive content instruction in language arts, math, science, and social studies, in the target language for 80% of the day in Kindergarten and Grade 1. As students progress through the program, they spend a gradual increase in time in English. It is through this intensive exposure to academic content in a second language that students develop mental flexibility, which leads to greater cognitive abilities and advanced language proficiency.

Immersion Model in Target Language

Grades K-1

Target Language: 80%

Grades 2-3

Target Language: 70%

Grades 4-5

Target Language: 50%
English: 50%

Curricular Approach

The HudsonWay Immersion School curriculum is based on an interdisciplinary and inquiry-based approach that facilitates student mastery of content standards in language arts, literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, and history. Educators use discussion-based, interdisciplinary, project-based learning (DBIPBL) units of study so that students are challenged to think broadly and deeply about essential questions and the application of their skillsets.

HWIS employs flexible groupings and on-going assessments—formative and summative—to ensure that it differentiates and maximizes learning for each student. Students are grouped by language level and across age groups. As a result, standardized test results for our students in grades 3 through 5 show, on average, significantly higher scores in subject matter tested in English as compared to the national norm of independent schools. In addition, HWIS students demonstrate a higher level of language proficiency compared to other immersion programs.



As is the case at most top private primary schools, we recognize the importance of technology and thoughtfully integrate technology with units of studies for students from an early age. Beginning in Kindergarten, all elementary students have access to Chromebooks and other devices such as iPads.

Curriculum Overview

Language Arts Literacy learning targets are similar regardless of the language of study. Language Arts classes in English, Mandarin, or Spanish develop and nourish a love of reading and provide tools students need to communicate effectively in speaking and writing.

At HWIS, we use Journeys or Senderos in English and Spanish and Better Immersion in Mandarin. The faculty facilitates reading habits, exposing students to storytelling and diverse genres of literature. Students are introduced to the Writer’s Workshop, a student-centered framework for teaching writing that builds students’ fluency in writing through continuous, repeated exposure to the writing process.
HudsonWay Immersion School uses Singapore Math as a curriculum for our elementary programs. The philosophy behind Singapore Math is to provide students with a thorough understanding of math concepts developed through a sequence that uses concrete manipulatives, pictorial representation, and then abstract representation. This sequence helps students acquire a deep understanding of mathematical concepts.

At HWIS, students are challenged to understand the “why” and “how” of number manipulation rather than memorize facts and sequences of steps when problem-solving. Frequent group work allows students to understand the importance of discourse, collaboration, and diverse methods of solving problems.
Social Studies provides the context for cultural awareness of the current world and prepares our students to navigate it as educated, global citizens. Our teachers provide authentic knowledge and cultural understanding that helps students broaden their understanding of the world. Children learn about pluralism, cross-cultural, socio-cultural, socio-economical, and socio-political interdependence both for the target language countries and the world.
The HWIS science program includes experiments, predictions, and hands-on learning experiences that cultivate a curiosity for science. While scientific concepts and skills are integrated into the units of study, we also use supplementary resources to enrich the learning experiences of our students in science. Specific units of study include life, physical, earth science and science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).
Technology is a fact of life for our children today. Teachers guide students through appropriate and progressively more sophisticated use of devices. At HWIS, children have direct and daily access to technology, in particular, tablets and computers. HudsonWay uses technology both as a tool to facilitate learning in other disciplines and as a subject of study in its own right.
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