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New Jersey Campus

Founded in 2005, HudsonWay Immersion School (HWIS) was the first Mandarin and Spanish immersion school in the Tri-State area. Serving students in preschool through Grade 8, children learn all subjects in two languages—Mandarin and English or Spanish and English—becoming bilingual and biliterate in our full immersion program.

The New Jersey campus is located in the heart of Stirling, New Jersey. HudsonWay moved to Stirling in the fall of 2018, and the expanded facilities allow for a broad expansion of language immersion programs, additional resources for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education as well as the visual and performing arts, and wider offerings within HWIS' diverse interdisciplinary curriculum.

Accelerated Language Track for Middle School

The HudsonWay Immersion School curriculum is diverse, interdisciplinary, and excels in the core subjects taught by monolingual schools. We believe there is an opportunity to facilitate middle school students with no previous exposure to language immersion who are interested in attaining bilingualism and biliteracy prior to high school.

Therefore, in the 2020-2021 academic year, HWIS launched an Accelerated Language Track for Middle School students to support incoming 6th graders with limited exposure to Mandarin or Spanish. This program is in addition to our full immersion curriculum which begins in Early Childhood. We are excited about this new middle school language track, and welcome the opportunity to speak with you about it.

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Tracie Xiong
Admissions Director
Stirling, NJ


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Tracie Xiong
Admissions Director
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