Middle School

HudsonWay provides a personalized middle school experience that challenges and supports students on their journey to becoming global citizens. Students will become bilingual and biliterate, challenge themselves in solving interdisciplinary problems of a global nature, embark on service-learning and study trips abroad, and develop executive skills that support self-understanding and empowerment.

Middle school students receive 40% of instruction in the target language (Mandarin or Spanish) and 60% of instruction in English.

Subjects taught in the Target language:
• Mandarin or Spanish Language Arts
• Humanities/History
• Executive Skills Development

Subjects taught in English
• English Language Arts
• Sciences: Earth Science, Physical Science, & Life Science -
• Mathematics
• Arts: Visual Arts & Music
• Physical and Health Education

Middle School Entry Track

Middle School Entry at HWIS

Now students can join HWIS in Grade 6 without prior experience in immersion or a second language. Students joining this track will be grouped in a separate language class with a dedicated language teacher and joined with existing immersion students for subjects taught in English. The goal of this program is for students to develop intermediate level of language proficiency by Grade 8, giving them an advantage in high school for further study and attainment of the Global Seal of Biliteracy.

Our middle school students benefit from small class sizes providing an intimate learning environment in which they are challenged yet supported to achieve their full potential.

Financial Aid

Submit the application, including a student-written essay on “Why I am interested in joining the “HWIS Middle School Entry Track” of no more than 500 words.

Once the application is submitted, the family will receive a checklist for the following items:
• Transcripts from the past two years of school
• ISEE or other standardized test scores from recent school year
• Student interview
• Parent meeting with admissions
• Financial aid application

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    Four Characteristics of a HWIS Middle School Experience


    Students can expect to achieve intermediate high or advanced proficiency in Mandarin or Spanish by Grade 8. Students will read and analyze literature, develop advanced writing skills, and speak on a variety of current world topics in the target language, supporting attainment of the Global Seal of Biliteracy, recognized in over 35 states.

    Bilingual Spanish-English Newspaper “Verde, Amarillo, Blanco” by HWIS Students
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    Project-Based Interdisciplinary Units with Global Perspective

    HWIS provides students with opportunities to deepen skills of research, communication, critical thinking, collaboration, and self-management with projects that are interdisciplinary and provide global perspective. For example, a unit on “The Impact of Technology on Exploration” will discuss the advances of Spanish and Chinese navigation in the 15th century and its impact on world dominance combining study of science, history and culture. Students will make connections across content areas and apply their learning to real-world problems.

    International Study Experiences

    Middle school students will have an opportunity to travel to a Chinese or Spanish speaking part of the world and use their language skills with native speakers in a real-world project during a two-week study adventure. Trips will provide a close-up view of large cities and rural villages to develop a broader cultural perspective.

    Social Emotional and Executive Skills Development

    During weekly advisory sessions, students will meet with an advisor in small groups to discuss and develop skills in conflict resolution, stress management, study skills, social interactions, self-advocacy, and oral presentation. Topics and support on health, and diversity and inclusion will also be discussed.

    Questions? Contact the Admissions Advisor for your campus of interest.