Why immersion?

There are definitive cognitive benefits to immersion education. Students develop a higher proficiency in both English and the target language relative to their monolingual peers. Immersion students also learn excellent reading skills and enhanced mathematical logic skills.

Children emerge from an immersion education with a competitive academic edge. The research is expansive and encompasses an array of measurement standards including Educational Record Bureau (ERB) testing and Avant Assessments. HudsonWay Immersion School students consistently attain the Seal of Biliteracy as a result of their testing performance. See our compilation of the Benefits of language immersion.


Founded in 2005, HWIS is the oldest immersion school in the Tri-State area and based on numerous academic testing results, HWIS students consistently outperform their monolingual independent school peers.

Approximately 90% of HudsonWay graduates are admitted to their top choice independent school once they leave HWIS. By the numbers, our students have superior English and math scores on standardized tests relative to their independent school peers as well as higher language proficiency scores in Mandarin and Spanish. HudsonWay is also, on average, 40% more affordable than top-tier independent schools. Explore HWIS Day School>
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Mandarin & Spanish Immersion | Preschool–Grade 8